Project description

The City of Pula fulfilled all criteria for Cohesion Fund co-financing as a part of a Call for Proposals for the Implementation of the Sustainable Waste Management Education and Information Program for its project "THINK, SEPARATE, SAVE!" and on 16 October 2018. signed co-financing agreement between the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency and the City of Pula.

Total value of the "THINK, SEPARATE, SAVE!" project (reference number: KK., which is co-financed by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund, is 1,197,845.49 HRK, of which eligible costs are 1,173,470.49 HRK. The project co-financing of 84.99% amounts to 997,449.81 HRK non-refundable funds with City of Pula providing the remaining 15.01% of the total eligible costs with funds from their city budget.

The "THINK, SEPARATE, SAVE!" project will inform and educate the entire population of the City of Pula about sustainable waste management through the implementation of fifteen activities from the Sustainable Waste Management Education and Information Program. The implementation of the activities will convey to the citizens key messages that will make them aware of the importance and benefits of sustainable waste management with particular emphasis on: prevention of waste generation, proper segregation of household waste, increasing home composting and reuse of objects, all with the aim of achieving the long-term goals of the European Union.

With this project, the City of Pula intends to target all groups of the public and particularly aims to influence the following interest groups:

  • preschool children
  • primary school children
  • high school children
  • citizens from all age groups
  • citizens living in houses with yards
  • tourists
  • tensioners
  • educators
  • educational institutions
  • millennial generation
  • members of a national minority
  • people with special needs - deaf people.

This project envisages 15 educational and informational activities on sustainable waste management, 7 of which are mandatory and 8 are recommended educational and informational activities. The activities are planned to be implemented systematically, targeting all groups of society in order to educate 100% of the population from the area of the City of Pula.

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